luni, 5 mai 2014

OAKY HOSb - Beautiful things (April 2014 Promo Mix)

1.Kylie Minogue - Slow (Sllash Remix)
2.CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Genie in a bottle (Deep mix) 
3. DRAKE - I got my eyes on you (Armando's Situation mix) 
4. Dj Ralmm - Mea culpa (Original mix)
5.PASCAL JUNIOR - The boy is mine (Orig mix)
6. PLAYMODE - Never let go (Orig mix)
7.LEONA LEWIS - Bleeding love (Tisso Deep rmx) 
8.SAL DE SOL - I want your soul (Club mix) 
9.Xandl - Wanna Give You My Love (Mark Lower Remix)
10.JOHNNY CASH - Hurt (Dani Zavera & Afgo & Beeghy rmx) 
11. MR PROBZ - Do it all again (Pascal Junior rmx)
12.Dole, Kom - Phara Oh (Original Mix)
13.SYKE'N'SUGARSTARR - Are you watching (Rmx) 

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Markus spunea...

Nice sound. Please keep going with your music. What are you using? Do you know the Zomo Pro Stand P900 dj tasche?

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